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Best Practices of Effective Website Performance Measurement

Best Practices of Effective Website Performance Measurement
January 29, 2017 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE, COOKING FOR BLOGGERS, Nichehype
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When marketing your brand online, you actually need to have a website that attracts and converts new customers, and to make this happen, you need to measure the website performance.

Like if you look back and analyze for how your website is doing? We all go a bit shaky while answering this. Again, if you are not measuring its performance at all, trust me, you won’t be able to answer this question.

Measuring a websites performance can be tricky yet useful to a great extent. As it is said, one can improve his website by measuring its failures, not just its successes.

You need to understand specifically what you are measuring, why you are measuring it and how you can improve once you have the measurements.

It goes without saying, you won’t be able to measure if you don’t know what to measure. A websites performance can be well measured once you establish a clear and a measurable goal.

Defining a goal for your website lets you create a measurable metric which can be analyzed to check if you are getting the desirable results.

Set Up Goals

Make sure you are setting up realistic and measurable goals, Trust me setting up goals is going to help you a lot.

The progress of your goals and their success keeps you motivated and focused on you business aims.

Track your goals and objectives

All set with your goal? Now it’s time to track the progress.

You need to keep a close eye on what happens online that reflect the success or failure of the goals you have set for your business.

You need to match your websites performance actions to the goals you have set.

Don’t just rely on default information obtained from website traffic reports, the number of visitors or the number of leads, sometimes they are just numbers and not your websites progress reports.

Yeah…You heard it right! Try to dig deeper on what these figures are actually telling you…

Like the website traffic and the leads generated might be good in numbers but is it actually getting you the right type of visitors and qualified leads? The problem here is these figures don’t accurately represent the effectiveness of your website.

What should you look for is, are your website visitors acting the way you want them to? Do their website actions relate to your business goals?

For example, as an employee working at a web agency, I would want people or say freelancers or B2B audiences to fill in my contact forms and get in touch with me for business and to achieve this what processes  have I defined, is actually going to reflect my websites success.

Here we trying to connect the actions performed on your website to exactly what your business outcome should be.

Being a Web services offeror, you need to be thorough with the wants of your stakeholders.

Once you are thorough with this, you will be able to provide them with the right analysis report which would help them realize the progress that they are making towards their business goals.

Every time we tried working this way, we hit the target! You should definitely try us out! I am sure you won’t be disappointed at all!

You can share in the comments the interesting analytics insights that worked well for your business, After all, the more you share the more you know!

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