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Business and blogging tools you should know

January 29, 2017 In: COOKING FOR BLOGGERS
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Blogging has been one among the most valuable online business strategies. Blogging lets you showcase your brand and fuels your SEO.

Your blog lets you acquire more visitors and helps you share your business expertise. It’s your direct communication channel. It shows people what your business is about.

Publish content and earn your business more traffic, as your content is the heart of all your marketing efforts!

Just a Blog can help you stay ahead of the curve; it’s an energizer and a motivator for your online business. For blogger’s it is an Aladdin’s magic lamp…..The more are the efforts the better is the result!

Let your blog content be inspirational so that your readers would want to hear from you again and again.

Let’s dig deeper on why Blogging is considered as one of the best marketing tactics:


Traffic is driven to your website

Every time you publish a blog you are likely to show up on the search engine as you have one more page indexed, and hence people are more likely to find your website. Yes, you’re soon going to get your business on the go!!

Not just on search engines but blogs also help you get discovered on the social media, every time you create a blog you are creating a content that is informative and at the same time shareable to a new audience that may not know you yet.

Search engines and social media help you drive new traffic to your site…

What else do you need!


Converting traffic into leads

Now that you have you another page indexed and you have a good amount of traffic coming to your site, you have more chances of converting that traffic into leads.

Put ‘call-to-action’ on every blog post, that’s how you turn your traffic into leads!


Establishes your brand authority

If you are creating content that is helping your target customer…. well you are half the way with your marketing plans.

If readers find answers to their queries via your blog posts, you are likely to establish an authority in their eyes.

The brand authority may not be concrete but it’s a pretty powerful stuff.

The online market is getting to know you and your business!


Long term results

 Let’s say you have some blog views and some leads today…

Guess what…you have some more views and some more leads again on the next day too…the same continues for some more days.

And now you must be thinking your post is soon gonna die….wait that’s not the truth!

After weeks, months or say years, your blog will still be ranking in the search engines….the efforts you put in yesterday are still gonna get you leads…Yeah!!

To your surprise, your blog is still ranking on the search engines and is still capable of generating traffic and leads.

 Your Blog writing efforts can gain you a lot of views and leads now and in future too, hence it is a cost effective marketing!

We are sure you’d like to take up business blog marketing approach and you’d definitely like your blog to generate more leads, more clients, and more business.

Let’s run on to stuff that is actually going help you!

Yes, there are a number of tools that are going to help you, throughout with your blog business.

Don’t forget ……..

Using Quality blogging tools can help you scale appropriately with your blog growth

Creating, organizing, publishing and promoting content can be really time-consuming, but we luckily have some smart blogging tools that help us make blogging process easier and faster.

We have some tools listed under various categories that would help you pull in your target audience:


Here are some tools which help you manage your daily updates and visitor communication easily:

   1.Social Media Buffer

It’s a tool that lets you schedule your social media posts, without visiting the actual networks.

This tool provides you with a dashboard where you could queue up your posts, link up your accounts, just set it up and you’re done!

Schedule social media updates and find awesome content to share.

    2.The Email Game

Emails lets’ you reach out directly to your audience!

Emails are exclusive, convenient…moreover, everyone has email.

And having a tool that makes email management fun, it’s like a cherry on the cake… isn’t it?

Email game lets you playfully manage your emails may it be replying, deleting, archiving it for later, or moving it out of your inbox and bumping it back to the top, everything on just a click.

   3. Love, Business owner 

It sometimes happens when you have requests that don’t fit in your work, and to respond to such clients you need to scramble for the right words so that you don’t disappoint the client.

With Love, business owner no fumbling over words anymore….Yeahhh!! Coz you have access to over 300 business scripts that guide you on what to say and how to respond.

You need not worry about, what to respond to a visitor who does not fit your business needs…you have Love, a business owner at your rescue!


 Here are some tools that help you manage and view your stuff easily without any hassle:


 It’s really frustrating when you are away and looking for a document and are unable to find it, and you are just stuck.

That moment when you feel frustrated and you need a savior…You have DropBox, access it anytime and from anywhere….I know…you were looking for something like this!!

Just put up everything you need on one platform, no matter what device you are using.


 It lets you create and share notes, may it be on your desktop, mobile or through a web browser.

All your notes are synchronized with your account, everything’s in one place.

It keeps your stuff organized and easily accessible.

    3.HeminWay App

Let’s you improve your writing.

Increases the content readability!

Saves time while editing and at the same time lets you develop your writing skills.

Writing blogs does not come that easy, but if you have an assistant you have suggestions and help with your content….So write it up with Hemingway!!

3Administrative and Tech Support

Some tools that support you throughout:


This tool keeps your business paperless!

May it be a contract or an agreement by a new client, it lets you sign the document electronically.

You have your contract or agreement details just a click away, safe and sound with no fear of misplacing it.

Go paperless: worry not about any loss of documents!

   2.Wp Site Care

A WordPress site manager for you. May it be an error with a specific plugin or you need to update to your site, you have a special team of WordPress experts at your service.

Stuck with your site…WP site care is your life saver!! 😛

You have all the backup set up for you without you worrying!


Blogging can be tough to break into, hence you need to be very smart while picking up blogging tools.

Blogs are cost-effective marketing investments, every post you publish is a long-term asset that helps build brand awareness and promote your expertise, products, and services.

So get going with your blog marketing!

Do you have some favorite blogging tools that you couldn’t blog without…....Just Pen them down!!



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