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  • Going beyond a good looking Website

    February 2, 2017 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE, Branding, Featured, Nichehype
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    You may be having a good WordPress website in place, however, the buck doesn’t stop there.


    What is even more important is how you are managing your website and how it optimizes itself to meet the business goals.


    With our 7 years of WordPress experience, we have tried to come up with key features which can power up your WordPress website and allows it to reach the next level of success. And more importantly, most of these features can be integrated without spending any additional penny.


    We have classified the recommendations under following sections:
    1. Visitor Engagement
    2. Web Automation
    3. Web Analytics
    4. Website Security and Back-ups


    For each section, we have some up with some useful plugins which will help you achieve the desired functionality.


    1. Visitor Engagement:

    Each visitor coming to your website is an opportunity for you to showcase your business. Hence it is quintessential to engage him to your website and get the desired action from the visitor.
    Suggested visitor engagement plugins:



    This is one of the most awesome plugin launched in 2017.
    The plugin comes with a wide range of visitor engagement options. Right from push notifications, product promotion notification, survey forms to exit intent pop-ups.
    How it adds value:
    • Multiple engagement features
    • Free for businesses with less traffic volume
    • Brings latest engagement features like web notifications and surveys


    Chat systems have become vital for almost all online service providers.
    It not only leads to better engagement but also increases your organizations’ customer satisfaction ratio.
    How it adds value:
    • Highly Customizable: Customize the chat widget to your websites’ branding
    • Optimized for Mobile: Allows easy engagement with mobile-based visitors
    • Multi-lingual: Supports more than 40 languages
    • Proactive chat features: Triggers to reach your visitors in an automated manner leading to more engagement



    This is one of the must have plugins for internet marketers. It has a wide range of features which can double up your visitor engagement with minimal efforts.
    How it adds value:
    • Customizable social sharing
    • Engaging pop-ups with multiple setup logics
    • Analytics enabled to track performance
    • Free to use


    2. Web Automation:

    Web automation is a wide term and can be referred for multiple purposes. Automation has become critical to scale up your businesses’ performance. Right from subscription to cross-selling automation can help you serve your target audience in a prompt manner and saving you time for essential business activities. In this article, our focus is to cover specific areas of automation only. Thus listing specific automation plugins.
    Suggested Plugins:



    As the name suggests this plugin expands the functionality of Woocommerce powered stores. Automation is the key for a successful e-commerce store. This is an extensive plugin which can push the sales up and performs a lot of essential tasks on its own. This is not a free plugin but is worth more than what it costs.
    How it adds value:
    • Abandoned Cart Visitors: Send auto-reminders who have left the shopping process in the mid. Allows you to set reminders at defined intervals
    • Wooing inactive customers: Provide special offers and reminders to inactive customers
    • Personalized Coupons: Allows to generate personalized coupons improving the user experience
    • Sale notifications on wishlist items: Sends update to visitors when their wishlist product opens for sale
    Comes with many more features to enhance the growth of youwoocommerce portal.



    Getresponse is a powerful marketing platform which comes with multiple offerings. We would focus on its marketing automation feature which can be integrated with WordPress integration plugin.
    How it adds value:
    • Create automated marketing campaigns based on user actions
    • Allows you to create customer journey based workflows, which enables emails on relevant triggers
    • Comes with built-in analytics
    • Can be integrated with your woocommerce based store

    3. Web Analytics:

    Most of us are already using Google analytics and are aware of the data which it generates based on your website traffic. In this article, we will look into analytic tools which allow you to take a more informed decision based on the analysis provided beyond what Google analytics provides.



    At the agency, we are fascinated by the features this platform brings to its users. Hotjar continues to impress us with the new generation tracking analytics.
    How it adds value:
    • Heatmaps and beyond: This plugin not only creates heatmap based on user interaction on your website but is also capable of actual recordings of the visitor interaction on your website. This is a feature to look out for
    • Conversion funnel enabled: Allows you to track the visitor journey and at which steps they drop out
    • Feedback polls and surveys: Allows you to create polls/ surveys and get the feedback from the visitors


    Very popular and extensive plugin for web analytics. This plugin is one of the first one to introduce heatmaps and thus taking the analytics to a new level.
    How it adds value:
    • Scroll map: Represents the data which shares the level of scroll visitors are makingon the pages
    • Heatmaps: This tool also generates heatmaps representing user actions
    • Overlay map: It tracks the number of clicks on each web element thus allowing you to manage the key clickable sections effectively


    4. Website Security and Back-ups:

    Unfortunately, many of the website owners miss out on this action area due to lack of awareness and limited vision. WordPress community has grown substantially and plugins to provide security to your website have also grown. Hence you can now make your website bullet proof with just few clicks.
    Suggested plugins:



    Very simple and powerful backup tool.
    How it adds value:
    • Free of cost: This is a free plugin (comes with paid pro version as well)
    • Complete backup: Free version allows complete backup including plugins, database, theme files. Hence with one click complete backup can be taken
    • Restore logic: One-click restore to any of the previously saved backup version
    • External backup: Even with the free version you can take backups on external storage platforms like Google drive, Dropbox and other platforms


    The plugin has its reputation for providing more than 30+ ways to protect your WordPress website.
    How it adds value:
    • Comes with free and paid version
    • Brute force protection
    • Two-factor authentication and blocking of IP on multiple incorrect login attempts
    We hope this article helped you with some knowledge worth implementing and expanded the capabilities which WordPress can offer.
    If you liked the article, please feel free to like/ share this. Also, please feel free put your comments below.
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