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Feeding yourself to keep ideas fresh

Feeding yourself to keep ideas fresh
January 29, 2017 In: COOKING FOR BLOGGERS, Nichehype
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Being a blogger you need to regularly crank out new original ideas and it takes in a lot of hard work.

You need a lot of creative energy and to explore the creativity you need to remain fresh, you’ve got to find ways so that you could fuel in the supply so that your blogs are fresh and exciting to readers.

Share quality content that creates value!

At times writing blogs can be time-consuming and tiring, you just need to keep reminding yourself that writing is not a race and you need not stress out with that, keep calm and you’ll be good!

Having a food blog means having a pact with your readers, hence you need to well prepare your blogs.

Every blogging category has different challenges. As a food blogger, you need to try out different recipes, you may fail but don’t worry, you can always re-do it and you may succeed 🙂

Working on a food blog is kind of fun, you get to try out different food stuff for just for blog writing inspiration….sound interesting…right?? 😛

Let’s look on to some ideas on how you can treat yourself to keep up fresh blog ideas:

1Treat yourself with some amazing food, something exotic and new.

Take yourself out for a lunch, try out a new restaurant.

Order on some food stuff that’s looks new on ingredients or has a fancy dish name…something that’s impressive and tastes yum just with the name itself 😛

Relish the experience and make notes on the flavors, the texture, the aroma…

Try going out for lunch or dinner once a week, try a different restaurant… Bring alive the foodie in you!

The food varieties with diverse ingredients, prepared in an unusual way with the perfect dressing and beautiful serving will inspire you to experiment with your food blog, you’ll be fresh with ideas!

Moreover, sharing your personal food experiences interest the readers more.

2Keep reading…food articles, recipes, guest posts, comments and more…be updated!

 Try reading with the point of view of a writer, you’ll learn on expressing better.

Writing about food requires you to have rich sensory description…you need to express the taste through words, the content should be such that is able to define the taste 🙂

You need to keep reading on your industry so that you could be aware of what’s going on while you’re writing.

Join online food communities, understand on what people are liking and how are they commenting on various posts, this way you get to know what interest your readers.

3Challenge yourself- Try out new recipes

Get out of your comfort zone, try exploring some new recipes, you might fail but you will definitely discover something new.

Challenges keep us fresh and motivated!!

You could just visit your local market and pick on some fresh ingredients that you might not try otherwise and come up with something unusual you neva know…. it might work!

You need to keep experimenting, only then you will come up with something new and better.

When you are running short of new ideas, don’t worry just look around, you have it all around you,

You just need to pick them, analyze about them and make it your own.

Creativity lies within! You just need to figure it out!

Feel free to add in your comments, what did you like in particular or if you have anything to share? Ur welcome 🙂


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