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Find your place in the Food blogging community

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January 29, 2017 In: COOKING FOR BLOGGERS
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Being a Food blogger has a lot of plusses. You get to share your talents!

One of the challenges bloggers have to face is on expanding their audience, but the market these days is so saturated that it’s very difficult to get your name out there.

The best way to get on to the Blog market is, to look out for the bloggers in the market, I understand they are your competitors, but trust me it’s a great source that could help, it could get you and your Blog on air, ultimately reaching your audience.

So to get going, join a Blogging community as per your niche!

Especially, if you are a newbie blogger or are looking to grow your blogging business and are not sure on how to start…..

Start from here…

Find yourself a blogging community, that’s the first and the foremost step in growing your blog. It’s like reaching out your blogs to your audience, using the blog community power!

Remember that every single blogger started off small and have reached out large, and so can you!

Before you move on to something else, creating that tribe around you is imperative to growing your blog.

Let’s dig a bit into who or what is a Blogging Community…

A blogging community is the one which focuses on blogging itself….well, I know you know that!

Making it more sensible, Blogging communities are a collection of individual blogs over a single space, where you get a practical support in terms of may be templates or image sharing or How to post videos while some offer a chance to chat with other bloggers out there, discussing on what works and what doesn’t.

So summing up everything together, the result that comes out is that Bloggers need other bloggers!

Okay…So we’re clear why do we need to set a connection in the blogging community!

So now that you know why it’s important, let’s learn how could we find it and take advantage of it


Read and comment on other blogs from your niche and be active

Always keep reading and commenting on the blogs over the community blogs, not only the blog owners but also the other blog readers cum writers scroll through the comments, and this gets you noticed.

You are now in the picture! You are now ready to develop good terms with bloggers who are now apt to share your blogs with their followers.

And what do you see….?? You see your blogs getting noticed and shared too!!


Follow and comment on social media accounts in your niche

 Always follow bloggers on social media platforms, comment on the bloggers with whom you share a connection, they are likely to follow you back hopefully returning the same.

Putting up random comments like “great info!” or “yummy recipe!” won’t take you very far.

Let it be genuine.

Always be over social media groups and indulge in social sharing!


Offer Guest posts being written by you….yeah!!

 Guest posts are like using a co-bloggers platform and sharing your content over their platform, yes you can involve in doing this as well, and it is quite helpful.

You can also offer, sharing their content over your platform.

Remember, this could be done with relatively small blog platforms who would benefit from guest posting.

Your blogger friend’s audiences are noticing you through this.

 So share your knowledge.

4 Join in On Link-ups and Round-Ups

 You could allow other bloggers to include a photo and caption at the bottom of the post, of Course, something related to that theme.

 When readers scroll through the host blog (or blogs), they may be interested in your post and click through to your blog. You never know who might become a new reader!

Link-up etiquette, make sure to always credit the hosts.

Involve into round-ups, get your blog on other blogger’s radars.

It also establishes some goodwill and hopefully you sharing other people’s content will, in turn, result in them sharing yours.

Make sure to tag other bloggers in your social statuses if you include them in a round-up!

Some tips on when trying to find like-minded bloggers:-

  • Shop Around

Find your people and not just your readers.

Make contacts with people who come from your niche, someone with whom you can share tips and tricks and someone who can support you.

Make contact with people in your paddling pool.

  • Be active

Ask questions, offer feedback, encourage and continue collaborating.

Share blogs and don’t forget back-linking the blogs to the original blogs.

Link-ups are resources for you to find other bloggers in your niche.

  • Play Fair

Make some new friends and colleagues, get along with some new readers and just keep growing. While amidst of this, don’t forget on returning the support.

Make sure you are giving something in return, don’t just take support and run away, it’s like being mean spirited!

Help others too! That is the true value of networking!

Grow your network, and add value to that network, get support and give support!

Find your community and make the most out of it!

Got some questions?? Or is there something you’d like to share about the blog community??

Let us know your suggestions and ideas are most welcome:-)

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