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Generating Income through Affiliate Marketing & Advertisements

January 29, 2017 In: COOKING FOR BLOGGERS, Popular
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Blogging is more like a hobby with fun and it’s more fun when it generates an income for you…Yeah! you heard it right…Food bloggers can monetize their blogs and get rewarded!

What’s a better reward for your efforts than money? 😉

Let’s see how we can do it!

Before anything else, you need to establish your blog and your identity as a blogger.

Start writing! Make it as creative as you can. Talk about your Food adventures on the blog or add in lots and lots of recipes, share them with your circle, share it over the Social media just let your blog reach out to a wider audience. (Remember…do not try and over-do anything, we need not annoy anybody)

More than anything, Content and traffic come first, your content decides your traffic.

Try getting more insights, engage with others in the food blogging space and learn, how and what is needed for your blog to succeed with better outcomes.

Be patient, wait till your blog has enough traffic. (This might take time, but it’s going to happen, so keep calm)

What exactly, is Affiliate marketing??

An advertiser pays you for promoting his product through your blog…Affiliate marketing looks good….right?

Affiliate marketing works with blogs that have a good amount of traffic.

You basically need to recommend some products/services of your advertiser by placing product links on your blog, if someone visits the merchant’s website and purchases the product through your link, you get a commission for that sale.

The basic idea is something like this:

The advertiser or the merchant is the brand/business website owner, who pays you .i.e. the blogger for sending traffic to their site.

 It’s a great idea for making money from ads on your blog!

Connecting with Advertisers

You must be thinking, how you would connect with the advertisers…??

Affiliate marketing can be in done both ways, direct or through advertising Networks. The more convenient one would be through advertising networks, it’s pretty simple!

The simplest way to connect with the advertisers is through an advertising network.

An advertising network gathers Ad space from publishers and distributes them to advertisers as per the demand.

So the Advertising network does it all for you, you need not drum up Ad sales you just need to register with the networks.

We have some best Ad Networks listed down for you:

1. Google Ad sense:

  • This network is the largest and perhaps the most well-known one, offering display advertising, mobile, video, and search monetization.
  • It’s free and will generally accept the smallest of websites.
  • If you’re just starting, you must apply here!

2. Media.net:

  • You get access to sponsored display Ads and contextual Ads from Yahoo and Bing.
  • It’s easy to join.

3. Blogher

  • Most Popular Ad network for food bloggers.
  • It has great support.
  • It helps you promote your blogs.

4. PlateFul

  • It’s not exclusive, it lets you work with other Ad networks.
  • It has a good CPM rate.

5. AdBlade

  • If you are already on to the online market, this is very useful for you.
  • Accepts website with massive traffic.

6. Foodie Blogroll Publisher Program:

  • You get to become a social media influencer, you get paid for spreading the word on social media sites.
  • It will also help you drive traffic to your blog.

Selling Ad space on your own

A publisher can directly sell Ad space to an advertiser. All you need to do is set aside a spot on your blog in your sidebars or so for advertisers who are willing to buy an Ad space.

If you are planning to work one to one with small advertisers, you can directly sell the Ad space.

One of the best way is to create an Ad box and advertise to people on why they should advertise on your site.

It’s kind of promoting your blog Ad space.

Simplify this process by using BuySellAds:

  • You can list your Ad inventory and CPM for each Ad zone.
  • A great AdSense with great control.

How Ads are going to pay you!

Mostly, businesses tend to pay per thousand impressions.

The impressions are measured using the term CPM .i.e. Cost Per Mile.

A good CPM rate starts around $1.50.

So it’s like,

            1000 Views = $1.50

Let’s say your network offers you 60% on every 1000 views, you make 0.90 per mile. So according to this ratio, if your blog brings on around 20,000 readers per day, you make about $18/day.

$18/day…Not bad at all!

Will joining the premium networks better my ROI?

 Premium networks get you high dollar advertisers that pay $5.0/CPM and more, and it’s actually good!

But, as the high dollar advertisers invest more they expect higher quality Ad display, they prefer being on sites that are extraordinary.

So be smart on your Ad network choices.

Sponsorships will get you discovered

Yeah, you heard it right…

To get your blogging site discovered, create an “Advertise Us Page” on your blog site. Share some information about your blog’s reach and its audience.

Try promoting that your blog has advertisement space!

This will help potential advertisers discover you easily.

Well, that is it…

Try out these monetization strategies for your Food Blog.

Let us know how Affiliate marketing helped you make money from Ads on your Food blog!

Did you find it helpful, let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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