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Goal Settings & Google Analytics

January 29, 2017 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE
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Tracking your visitors and their page view stats to see how much traffic you are getting,  how much each source is driving to your website, which part of your site are they visiting, and for how long are they staying on your site, all of this is really important.

But what’s more important is how it is helping your business, is it providing a meaningful outcome?

You need to make sure that all the analysis you perform is actually providing value to your business.

All of us in this web marketing world are aware of the most trending visitor tracking method, Google Analytics. But are we taking the most out of it and in the right manner??

Well, I am sure you got to rethink while you answer this question.

Come, let’s try and analyze.

We are already familiar with a lot of website tracking metrics, let’s list them down:

  • Leads
  • Sign Ups/Account creations
  • News Letter Sign Ups
  • E-book Downloads
  • Trial Sign-Ups

So these are the metrics that you should be tracking….Right…! But we are still just the half way.

How do we do this? I know the answer…of course using Google Analytics.

The question should be something like…How do you do it using Google Analytics??

Let’s elaborate this…

Google Analytics tool is an amazing tool if it is properly used, what I mean is, we need to make some additional setups that would let the Google analytics tracker speak up about your business.

How would you do that? You have to tell Google Analytics to keep track of what’s critical to your business.

You do this by setting up goals!

You must be wondering on Why Should you setup goals?

Goals are an enormous amount of extra but valuable information which lets you track if your visitors are acting the way you want them to over your website, and that’s what would benefit you.

When you set goals, you have some goal set up options like:

1Using a Goal Template

  • Preexisting goal templates by Google helps you set actionable goals that meet standard business objectives.
  • Every template is based on a specific industry.
  • The template lets you edit any of the fields if required.

2Creating a Custom Goal.

  • With custom goal setup, you can build a goal that best suits your business objectives, the choice is all ours!

Google Analytics provides you 4 custom goal set up options:

  1. Destination Goal
  • If you want to treat a specific page view or say a specific Url as a conversion point, set up the destination goal.
  • Allows you to make a goal for people always ending up on a certain page.
  • This type of goal can be ideal for Thank you pages, confirmation pages or say a PDF

Destination goal set up comes with a special term or an option named as Funnel.

Let’s dig a bit deeper on this…

A Goal Funnel allows you to see exactly how many people move through each step of your marketing process.

Making it more generic, Let me put it this way:

The process people go through to buy one of your products or to sign up for your newsletter.

Let’s visualize an example:

Funnel analysis


A funnel lets you know of how many visitors abandoned your funnel at each step so that you know which pages on your website need to be fixed or improvised. You have the percentages and the overall funnel conversion rate on hand to make the necessary improvisations.

1Visit Duration Goals

  • If you want to track the visitors who have spent more than the amount of time you had defined set.
  • This type of goal is more useful to sites that provide on the spot help to customers with their queries.

2Page Visit Goals

  • This type of goal tracks the number of pages each visitor visits before they end up leaving your website page.
  • If the number of page views you have set up meets, it indicates a goal completion.

3Event Goals

  • This in one of the most complicated yet fruitful goals with better outcomes.
  • You need to setup events and later select any event as a goal.
  • You need to be a bit handy with coding…yeah…something like JavaScript!
  • You can just track anything using google analytics events:
  • Downloads
  • External Links
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Time Spent watching videos
  • Widgets usage

Your visitors interacting with any of these can be tracked.

All of the Tracking and Goal set up stuff would seem quite confusing at the start, but once you’re through you see your business objectives turning into success.

Google Analytics is waiting to help you track the progress of your business.

All you need to do is just set up a Goal.

Set them up….Not sure how to start…??No worries, Come to us!

Others…Got some cool goals set up yourself using Google Analytics??Or you have some useful insights to share?? You can share them in the comments below.


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