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How your website really ranks in Google?

How your website really ranks in Google
March 23, 2017 In: Branding, COOKING FOR BLOGGERS, Knowledge Base, Nichehype
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Page ranking plays a central role in many of the web search tools.Measure the importance of your website page!!

Google does it for you…Yes!!!

But how does it do it?They have a link analysis algorithm which does it all for you!

Let’s focus on how can we make the best out of this algorithm.

Let’s get into how we can boost our ranking!

1 Quality Keywords usage from Quality Content

Keywords are the search phrases which people type in when they want to look for some page

Your page must have keywords that you think your target audience is going to search for.

So, publish relevant content!

Quality content…Defines your search engine rankings!

Think of how your reader might search for a specific page and try to repeat those phrases several times throughout the page, don’t overdo it!

Don’t forget to use bolds, heading tags and more to highlight the phrases….but keep it limited!



2Site structure enhances your SEO

The better is your site structure, better are the chances of higher ranking over the search engine.

Good site structure, good SEO success.

 Plan out a hierarchy for your site, if this is well defined it increases the navigability of your site and point users to the most relevant information, it’s a huge SEO advantage.

The better your site structure the better the content indexing and amazing the search results.

3Site speed, impacts search ranking

Speed is incredibly important, so keep your code well optimized.

Site speed is also important to user experience, they expect your site to load

In less than 2 seconds. Yes…So you have to focus on speed performance too!

Optimizing your site speed is a smart thing to do.

Site speed can contribute to the highs and lows of your conversion rate.

Every time you close call your speed, you tend to boost customer trust on your site.


4Time Spent does come into play for SEO purpose!

It is really important to keep visitors on your site for long until they return to google that’s the ‘dwell time’ looking out for a new site.

Keep up the user experience, keep it simple yet interactive. Keep it engaging.


5Have a link-worthy site

Create relevant links, Quality inbound links.

A major factor that determines your page rank, it’s really important if you wanna reach to the majority internet users.

Links found elsewhere, direct users to your site only.

So use text and graphics based link, however, text links are more effective. Use website relevant keywords as they are valued more.


Improve your websites’ ranking, we can help!

We have built websites that are SEO friendly, come check them out and know how could we rank you high.

You will certainly see increased rankings!

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