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Our approach to website design

Our approach to website design
September 16, 2016 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE, Buzzing, Knowledge Base
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Every project is unique in its own way, but the procedure goes almost the similar way…but to us what’s unique is:

Your goals!

Your requirements!

More importantly, What YOU value!

When we involve with you, we make sure you are at the top of our priority list.

From web designing to making your website go live we do it all, not only this we provide after support, We Believe in long term engagement.

We foresee and avoid hurdles by working smart at the onset and all the way long!

We help you extend your goals!

So let’s see how we do it:

1We investigate your sector: Research, communicate and understand

We get to know your business inside and out.

Goals and constraints, hopes for the future target audience, your aesthetic preference and more!

            We research on your business sector and your competitors, doing this helps us identify what should be the strategy that we should follow in order to fulfill your business objectives.

We make it a point that we take up a compelling strategy that makes your business outstanding!!

We now have the action Plan ready!

2WordPress is our favorite!

If in case the client has no prerequisites, we recommend them with the best! And WordPress stands up here.

Our team specializes with every feature of WordPress.(We have other favorites too)

But what’s more is, the owner can make most of the changes he needs to, on his own, the website management is all in your hands. You rule! And if needed we are always there for your assistance!

3We have the ideas right here, now we start designing!

            First, we design a sample for you, your satisfaction is our major concern! Our aim is to design a simple, visually appealing and a usable website that suits your business.

From logos, colors, fonts…We look onto the complete presentation, keeping your requirements in mind.

Generally, we come up with 2-3 working directions, then share and refine. We keep the process transparent by sharing sketches for your satisfaction.

We are always looking forward to your inputs/suggestions.

On approval, we move on to designing other distinct inner pages of the site, we do not have the web functionality yet, we just have the aesthetics!

4Finally, Building you a website functionality

Here our development team translates your approved designs into code, we call it the “development phase”.

Development time varies on the scope of the project, but the rest is assured!

Our projects managers and developers keep you updated on what’s going on! And are always available to answer any questions you have.

Voila! Your website is soon going to function.

5Review time!!

We build all our websites on a demo server so, that we could test it live (don’t worry your site is secure)

We look for glitches (well, they are rare!!)

We test them on a variety of platforms and browsers and make sure if all’s well!

Quality is assured!

6Going Live!


You are ready to hit ‘GO’.

You are now online!!

We have the necessary set ups made for you, from Sign-Up’s to newsletters to website tracking, all is done for you!

Your website is already tracking your website traffic….thanks to google Analytics!

7Once you are live, we indulge into looking on to the growth phase.

Well, working websites convey a sense of growth and timeliness!

We are with you throughout, we help you with a plan where your websites stay UP with the current market demands. This involves updates and stuff that keeps you up on the market

The end is the new beginning!


We are always around for any support you need, or to discuss your next big thing!

As we believe, a project is never truly done, they are the results that take it into the right direction.

Come share it with us, and let’s make it big together!!