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Planning on Increasing your food blog traffic and visitors? Read on

January 29, 2017 In: COOKING FOR BLOGGERS, Knowledge Base
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Running a blog is not as easy as it sounds, you need to put in a lot of work. Perfecting the recipes to mastering the art of food photography, everything…But after all this you still can sometimes fall short of.

No that’s not because your recipes are pathetic or your photos are below average, it’s because no one is reaching out to your blogs.

And yeah…That’s a huge problem!

But don’t worry, most blogs including food blogs are going through the same, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a way out of this…Of Corse you do!

What if, you can boost your food blog traffic and make people aware of your business?? Or if you can find ways to automate your business growth?

You heard it right….You can adapt many such strategies and get things right!

We have some proven tactics that can help you get out of this successfully. Some are simple while some are difficult to implement, but they are all here and they are assured to help you increase your food blog traffic. You just need to put in some more time and efforts!

After all, success is the sum of all your efforts!

Just keep in mind, some techniques take time to come into effect while some may happen overnight….So just be patient.

Let’s go step by step first, let’s look into how you can bring on more visitors?

Some techniques may cost money while some are free, from social media, email marketing to SEO techniques, we have it all covered!

Here’s how you can grow your food blog traffic:

Get into Social media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best resources when it comes to reaching out to your target audience, and in the current picture, you’ll find everyone over social media, hence it gets easier to reach out.

We’ll look onto where and how you can boost your food blogs

  • Make your images beautiful

Yes, you need a good content, but if the images are equally good you are increasing your share ability chances.

Especially, when it’s about food visitors they are likely to look on for more images, they are more interested in checking out the images.

You got to water their mouths! 🙂

  • Don’t forget social share buttons

Let readers share your content, this leads to higher search engine rankings as well as more social traffic to your blog.

So let people ‘share’ your content along with ‘Hitting likes’.

While you enable your readers to share your blog you are essentially disrupting their friends and followers newsfeed and displaying your content.

  • Make a Pinterest profile and join a group board

Did you know 72% of Pinterest followers are women and the most trending category is “food and Drinks”, yeah you heard it right!!

By joining group boards, you can reach out to all those people who might be the right fit for your content.

If you are a food blogger you need to be on this social media today.

  • Use twitter it’s a perfect source

Twitter is like a cocktail party of social media.

This is a platform where you can talk to people and get to know them and their interests, you obviously need not promote your food blog right away, see if you can offer any assistance and act accordingly. Try not to annoy them….that is bad!!

Use the search feature, look out for people who have been tweeting about the  subject that is relevant to your blog, this lets you strike up a conversation directly.

  • Restaurant Food Blogger?? Use Urban spoon

If your blog mainly consists of restaurant views, then you should add your blog to Urbanspoon.

Urbanspoon actually has a separate section for restaurant and food blog reviews.

It’s all yours. It has everything that you need! 🙂

Keep up your SEO rankings

Ranking on the search engines gets you to the audience. So you need to be smart on this.

Let’s check out how you could maintain your google ranks:

  • Your food blog should be self-hosted

Yes, there are a lot of platforms that get you hosted for free. But in the long run, launching a self-hosted blog would benefit in your site rankings.

Moreover, you will have a lot of flexibility and more hosting options.

Let your website be unique and self-standing!

  • Focus on long tail keywords

Keeping short keywords can put your ranking down.

For example, a recipe “chicken noodle soup from scratch whole chicken”

Would be much better than just using “chicken noodle soup”.

You see the difference? Being specific can rank you higher!

The more specific you are with your keywords, the less is the competition.

  • Use content delivery network

A CDN stores your blog images and files in data centers, so whenever you have a site visitor the closest data center loads your stuff quickly.

What’s more is by speeding up your site, you could rank higher on the search engines.

  • Make your recipes and articles shareable

Let people share your content!

Social shares are one among the ranking factors over search engines, it can actually push you with your rankings.

  • Make sure you have your punch words highlighted…You know the heading tag!

Punch words as in the Keywords, they are the ones who keep you up on the search engines.

Use Heading tags, bullet points…present your content well!

This idea of presenting stuff actually leaves a positive impact.

  • Have a mobile friendly food blog

Don’t forget mobile is the new face of engagement!

Ensure your food blog is responsive on all platforms.

  • Submit a site map

Site maps enable the search engines to easily crawl over your blog content and images, and through this your site is indexed on google.

Keep Email marketing and Newsletters campaigns on your list

  • Attract the visitors

Offer them free recipes or provide them free guidance, the “Free Stuff” is always attention grabbing. 🙂

  • Offer unique opt-ins for every food blog you post

Offering something unique with every blog you publish can help you collect email addresses…You know, more subscribers.

Like for example if your blog is about5 Healthy Replacements for Unhealthy Ingredients” offer a lead magnet by saying you have “recipe ready with the healthy ingredients”, with this you are sure of collecting subscribers.

  • Write impressive emails – especially the subject line

We already know, we never tend to read on the marketing emails, we just ignore them, but if it has an interesting subject line like……”20 minutes or less- your healthy weeknight meal plan”….I’m sure many of us will click over!

When it comes to health, people are quite conscious about it…right? So keep it smart!

Content marketing: Write an amazing content

No one likes to read anything that is rubbish or irrelevant, provide such content to your visitors that is of true value.

  • Let your content be long…Don’t worry it is okay!

I know what’s in your mind!

People usually avoid reading if the content is too long, but that’s not the case always! If it’s relevant and well written, it keeps the user engaged.

Moreover, it is said that long content blogs are shared more and linked more.

  • Focus more on promoting your content than just writing so much

It doesn’t matter if you just have 5 blogs, what matters is how convincing is the content and is it reaching into the right hands?

So spend more time on marketing your content rather than just publishing content.

Don’t Forget, Quality is more important than Quantity!

  • Find a gap in the market: Check on your Uniqueness

Spare some time analyzing your forte and how can you utilize your specialty to stand out from the millions of food bloggers.

Find your unique angle!

  • Indulge into Guest blogging…Yeah, you heard it right!

 Blogging on other people’s website helps you build your brand awareness and provides you more visitors.

 Let your post be informative and incredibly helpful, it’s actually helping you get your brand name out!

  • Master your food photography

Working on your food photography skills can give a good exposure to your tasty food recipes.  

If it looks good it feels good!

Yeah…you have to kinda tempt your audience, by letting them see the amazing food you prepare.

I have some extra tips for you and they are equally important for your food blog success.

  1. Let the blog be creative and modern

 Before anything else, your blog should be aesthetically appealing.

If it looks good it keeps people engaged on your site for long.

Use awesome images, highlight the content, and let the navigation be simple and interactive.

  1. Use the white space concept

If your site is junky and messy it reduces the readability ratio.

Use a lot of white space, that lets your readers focus on your content.

Make them feel good!

  1. Join some other food communities

If you join some food community groups, you can give some more exposure to your food recipes.

You can interact, share and also get to know what’s going on!

 Well, that’s it, if you have some questions just drop them in the comments and we’ll get back to you.

If you find it helpful, Do hit the share button!

“The more we share the more we have”

Thanks for reading 🙂

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