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The True Cost of a Premade WordPress Theme

The True Cost of a Premade WordPress Theme
January 29, 2017 In: Buzzing, Knowledge Base
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It looks like premade themes take your website to the next level without much investment.

Also, it appears as if you get the professional looking design without doing much, What’s better is you could customize it as per your requirements.

It looks like it is saving you a lot, well not exactly, it does have some drawbacks.

Surprised?? Come let’s see what’s making premade WordPress themes to fall back.

1Basic look and feel

Your websites look and feel defines about your business, you really need to stand out on this.

Your website should be able to satisfy your target market to maximize your leads.

But the case with premade themes are, that they are too generic, they are generic on purpose because they are built on such conditions that anyone and everyone can be able to use it and the sellers could recover the cost they had to incur.

Don’t get upset! Remember, we have theme customization options or to make it better we have complete customization in our hands (build a new website from the scratch).

We could do it for you, your dreams and our innovation!

It could be a great deal!

2Slow website loading

People usually tend to abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, which leads to reduction in conversions

Premade themes are stuffed with a lot of code as they tend to hold a lot of functionalities, as they need to be there for everyone’s business so they try to add it all, and this leads to slower loading times.

But this could be solved!

WordPress provides us with a lot of plugins that help to improvise your website on its loading speed.

Well, we can name them for you and get them in place too!

3Limited Premade theme customization

Building page templates and functionalities outside your chosen premade theme was quite challenging. You need to be customized for your content and this could take longer as the premade themes are poorly coded and limit you to certain features, so you need to dig deeper into the theme before you alter it!

We could get it done for you, with years of experience we have our hands well, over understanding the code and getting it altered for you as per your requirements.

4Code bloating leads to poor user experience

Premade themes are usually overwhelmed with lots of features which confuse the flow and affects the overall experience.

The sellers make it too much in order to sell the themes to every type of buyers, but it’s not always the same case!

Well, this could be solved, we could build a new website from the scratch and you would have an amazing user experience with limited and clean code, it’s like the way you want it to be!

5Customizations are overwritten if an update is attempted

Premade WordPress themes have to be updated to avoid security issues and threats, but the drawback stands here, customizations are overwritten on updates and it affects the theme design, leading to design changes.

We can help you with your updates and customizations, without you losing any of your designs, and you have your updates with you full complete updated securities.

6Before you customize it you need to get familiarized with it

You have to get familiarized with the theme before customizing it as per your requirements. It sometimes takes longer to fiddle with a premade theme than it could be with a website from the scratch.

But we are here for you, and we are well familiarized with premade theme customization and a lot more, we have been doing this successfully for many of our clients…So you need not worry on this!


Like any web solution, premade themes come with their own positives and negatives. It is important to analyze the premade themes completely and have a good team with experience to work it around. As a team with more than 5 years of industry experience, we can provide you initial consulting and best possible solutions when it comes to making the crucial decision of using a premade theme or not.

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