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Things you must know about Genesis framework

Things you must know about Genesis framework
September 16, 2016 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE, Buzzing, Knowledge Base
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Genesis framework is a focused approach where you spend less time to work things out! Packed up with advantages which helps you keep up your presence online.

Genesis framework with a child theme, makes a genesis theme work. Framework holds the basic layout of the whole design and functionality of the theme, while child theme lets you decorate your website so that you could make it visually awesome!

Genesis allows you to upgrade your design without screwing up any of your past customization, and that’s the easy way out!

Genesis Framework has a lot of reasons to be known, we have the best experiences jotted down for you:

1Built-in SEO features with dedicated plug-ins

The framework comes in with great built in features like multiple layouts, custom body post classes for each post, breadcrumbs, and tons of other cool features.

In-built SEO settings

The framework has a built-in SEO feature that is thoroughly optimized with all the latest SEO standards.

That isn’t all! We have more.

Genesis Framework not only provides us with genesis plug-ins but it also lets us use the all-time working WordPress plugins that someone has already created for you, feeling lucky?!

Genesis framework comes with already included features that require outside plugins on other themes

What’s in your favor?

When you spec your site, I am sure SEO is a must-have on your list.

Need some WordPress Plugins onto your framework?

Genesis, has it all

2Highly customizable, Professional Themes for Everyone.

Huge Resources

A Large collection of responsive child themes for any type of website which are HTML5-compatible, beautifully designed and highly customizable. They have designed almost every theme for any device.

Customizable child themes

Genesis has professional and unique child themes with amazing customizable visuals that look great on all screen sizes. Complete customization in your hands!

What’s in your favor?

Genesis child themes helps our clients identify the functionalities they require for their website. Even before, you get started on your work, Genesis child themes enables your client to visualize the user experience his customers would be able to obtain.

Moreover, if your client ever needs a site with XYZ features, you already have a list of themes to choose from. Isn’t that great!

What’s cooler is:

We can add any options we need, and nothing is forced on to us. Anything you see can be moved, changed, deleted or reconfigured, it does it the way you want it to be!

           That’s exactly what are looking for right?!

3Security with support.

Rock Solid Security!

The Genesis Framework is well coded with clean and secure codes to enhance maximum benefits. From a security standpoint, Genesis comes down with the best WordPress security practices.

Running into problems?

The Genesis Framework is a thriving niche within the larger WordPress community. Genesis users and developers are just a tweet or forum post away, the ability to tap this network is like having your own extended support team

Genesis is truly the most versatile framework out there, with a huge community of professionals.

What’s in your favor?

Access to unlimited support, signifies that your site will always be up and would be running the way you want it to be. The control is in your hands!

Moreover, you are always backed up with an excellent support team by just raising a ticket. You will always find someone to help you, no matter what.

So, your website goes safe and secure over the web with the help of an amazing back up support team!

4Optimized Speed

It’s quick

Genesis Framework comes with lightweight code design to increase your site speed and performance. As we know, Speed is one of the major part of your website, an ideal website should open up within no time.

First impression, happens to be the last impression!!

Yes, that’s completely true.

When your customer first visits your site, he wants everything to show up in no time, if it gets delayed a customer does not indulge in engaging with you, he already has another option next door.

How does it benefit you?

Genesis is optimized for speed, the moment you click you have it right in front of you, which brings in more engaging visitors to your site.

That is what you want!!

5Less development time = Happy Clients

Simple and Apt

Genesis Framework makes it easy to focus on design, usability, and information architecture with great user experience.

The Genesis Framework comes right “out-of-the-box” with powerful SEO options, advanced custom widgets, security and a lot of other useful features, which means it comes with less development time for you .i.e. more done in less time, with lower costs for your clients, and hence, It’s a Win-win!

            What’s in store for you?

            Everything, just a click away!

Genesis can do anything. From basic customizations to any configurations, you site can do exactly what you want within no time!

It’s all quick!

And this gives you a satisfied client.

Happy CLIENT…Happy YOU!


For a quality WordPress theme framework, Genesis framework is an excellent choice, powerful in terms of customization and versatility, with huge resources. Nothing is over complicated and the system looks easy and interactive.

Once you get used to it, you are good to go a long way with it!

Save time!

Lowers cost!

Always find someone at your rescue, no matter what.

What else do we need? 🙂

Try it out!!

You will feel like you’ve made a right decision!

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