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Using Hashtags on Social Media

January 29, 2017 In: Branding, Buzzing, Knowledge Base
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Hashtags are the noticeable part of tech culture. Hashtags make your content discover-able and allows you to find relevant content from other businesses and people, it categorizes your content on social media.

Hashtags can expand your content reach, strengthen your brand, and get your content found over the web, hence improving your search engine rankings.

Hashtags connect you with social media based on common interests.

Hashtags present an amazing opportunity for content marketers, it lets them identify social media conversations that relate to their business, so that they could get their content to the right audience.

Let us look into why Hashtags should be used on social media:

1Hashtags improve your Click through Rates

Tweets containing Hashtags tend to receive more engagements leading to increase in your Click through rates.

2Your presence is discovered by your target audience

Hashtags enables your potential customers to find you. They double your chances of being found!

3You have Hashtags as your assistant

Hashtags help you find relevant content. Majority social media sites contain posts that include hashtags. You can skim through these to learn more about your prospects and competitors.

4Categorize your content

Users not only search through famous search engines but they keep looking for interesting content by entering various hashtags or clicking the ones available in social media posts.

5Make sure you are visible on the search engines

Google allows its users to search hashtags via their search engines. Search engines amplify the visibility of your hashtags.

6Build your brands personality

Hashtags effectively establish your reputation with your prospects. Try and create effective hashtags that build up the personality of your brand.

Using Hashtags on social media is beneficial as they hold many cross-platform competitions and campaigns together, making it for followers to submit content and display it elsewhere.

Hashtags: A fundamental to your success on social media.

Let’s focus on how effectively can we usehashtags:

1Be specific when using Hashtags: Create your own Hashtags

The more specific you are with your hashtag the more targeted your audience will be the better will be your audience engagement.

Having your own hashtags is effective when you’re trying to connect with your audience.

Keep it short, do not string too many words, and use blank spaces before and after the hashtag. Do not use your brand name in your hashtag instead just try to reflect your brand’s personality!

Once you’re followers start including your tags in their posts, you have a lot of follower generated content to share.

You could create something like this:

#ShareaCoke, #OpportunityForAll, #ActOnTenTen

2Use your hashtags smartly: Create hashtags that facilitates discussions

Hashtags drive audience engagement on social media, when used properly they are a great way to get your circle of followers to contribute to the discussion.

If your hashtag goes viral, it gets to trend in as the hot topic on twitter or google+.

 Create Hashtags that tend to be more focused to a topic of conversation or a group of people your business would like to engage.

Make sure you are using them in a proper way and sharing it with the proper network that related to tour brand or your topic.

Create smart hashtags:

#win, #WhosGonnaWin, #MadeInAmerica

3If not your own: Use the trending Hashtags

It may happen that you’re unable to come up with your own hashtag, now worries you could use one among the trending ones.

Be smart, select hashtags that are relevant to your business, find one or two that really fit in!

Twitter has created helpful infographics to help you choose right hashtags.

Here are some examples for You:

#TeenChoice, #androidgames, #android

4Extend your Hashtag activity to other channels

To reach out to more followers and engage on them, you should keep extending your hashtags activity to other social media channels.

Social media platforms embrace hashtags and they have been able to run cross channel campaigns quite well.

You remain globally connected with audiences regardless of what social channel they are using.

 Keep tracking your hashtags, analyze which hashtags delivered the most engagements, which one led to more followers, which did not work well. Keep monitoring, Keep engaging better!

The Don’ts with Hashtag

1Do not go too long

Keep your hashtags short and simple, as hashtags are supposed to make finding and engaging easier, but long tags may get too complicated and can actually be more arduous.

2Don’t have more Hashtags than words

Social media users often use an excessive amount of hashtags, keep it limited, do not come off as desperate it generally dilutes your message.

3Don’t hashtag everything

Hashtags make your content discoverable, but it’s not necessary that everything you produce is going fit in. Don’t force a hashtag in your post!


Start integrating Hashtags into your marketing campaign, it has indeed taken over the market.

Share the best content and make the right impression and get engaged globally.

Keep in mind the benefits and start integrating Hashtags into your business.

Hashtags add extra layers of meaning to your message!

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