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UX Tips for Website Redesign to Improve Online Business Leads

March 24, 2017 In: Buzzing, Knowledge Base
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User experience has an essential supremacy that makes things work. When a website design is fluid and spontaneous that visitors are easily able to find the information without any hassle, it is a success.

UX is everything to a website. Quality UX automatically comes with the design. When users have a great time looking for the required information, it is then when you are on the right track towards your website objectives.

Especially at the time of revamping, your website should have some strategic goals so that your revenues are well driven.

Let’s look into some tips that will help you with your website redesign:

1Start with the Homepage

 A Homepage is a page where you portray your business, your homepage is your first impression on your audience, and it is here where you engage on your users.

Don’t try to fill your Homepage, keep it limited. Let your Homepage convey your message clearly and to the point.

Let the site navigation be simple for the user to understand.

Your Homepage should be always linked with the other main pages of your website.


2Follow the trend: Responsive Design

Access to your website on any device is a must. Any website designed must be responsive.

Users expect information to be accessible at all times, may it be on a mobile or an iPad, everything is expected to be on the go.

Great UX on handheld devices is more important than on the desktops.

Web experience should be consistent through multiple devices.

3Website content is very sensitive: Do not try to Copy-Paste

Each website has different product and hence it has to have different look and content.

Trying to fit in the content of another website to yours, may leave a bad impression on your users. You may lose the essence of your website.

Cut out unnecessary information, rephrase your message keeping in mind your audience. Develop new content that engages you well with your target audience.

Make sure you invest enough time and money on your websites’ content as well as on the overall design.


4Focus on your brand: Consider what your users are looking for

Do not get stuck with the latest trends, follow the trends but keeping your business audience in mind.

You need to maintain a connection between your content and your brand, they should complement each other, also take some time to integrate the aesthetics of your website with your brand.

Your website should reflect your brands and its goals.

Stick to your own brands’ personality, make sure your visitors are hooked!


5SEO: One of the core parameters for website success

SEO is the only media of where your customers get to see your new or redesigned website.

Ensure your website uses, useful and trending SEO techniques and not the outdated ones.

Don’t base your web design around SEO, keep it more inclined to valuable content and user experience.

6Functionality has to be the fundamental thing

Web redesign looks very exciting, it gives you a completely new look and feel!

Aesthetics of your website can boost your website conversions, but the look does not work alone for the success of your website.

Do not ignore the functionality, overlook on how better can you improvise on your site navigation and content.

 The functionality of your website is fundamental to your website success!

7Understand your users well

Always keep in mind that your website is for your audience, if it doesn’t go well with them there are lesser chances of generating leads.

Know your competition, know how are your audiences engaged with your competitors, look on to what is interesting your users.

Spend time on user understanding, be rigorous on your market research.


8Keep up on your creativity

Be as creative as possible but in limits. Don’t overdo anything!

Consider the ideas of other people and learn, but in the end, come up with your own creativity.

Redesign your website in a manner which attracts people and increases your leads.

Prioritize on your purpose and then focus on your design creativity.

9The end is the new beginning

User experience has to be updated with time, you have to walk with the ongoing trends.

Your website UX should be better and faster than before, more intuitive and more relevant so that you have your users engaged.

Let your user experience keep involving with time!


When revamping your website, you need to creative and cautious both at the same time.

Do a proper research, understand your audience and the market well and then set the goals and strategies for a redesign.

Include content that influences your buyers positively, and serves all their info needs and is completely responsive.

We give ultimate importance to User experience and functionality!

Come let’s discuss your business needs and see how can we engage users to your business.