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Web design trends that have been on the charts in the year 2017

March 27, 2017 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE
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New Year! New Web design practices.

With every New Year, new web design forces come into the picture and they spread like wildfire over the internet. Web design era thrives to come up with something new at all times.

All the design firms tend to incorporate the latest trends that come up, stick to them until it becomes ubiquitous, and start looking for the next big thing that is going to cover the design market.

Web sites these days follow a very different design trend than they were following a year ago, and why not, it helps you stay ahead of the competition and lets you meet your client’s expectations.

Don’t forget, a trend does not always mean that it should be “new”. It might happen that you follow the same design trend for some upcoming years because that design has won its place in the design trends list.

Let’s talk out the web design trends who have made the charts this year:

1Micro interactions

These kind of interactions are crucial for mobile app design, they guide users how to work with the system.

It shows the user that their action performed was accepted, it guides the user on how to interact with the site.

2Card design trend

Organizing the most relevant information into pieces within a single container.

Card layouts are easy to recognize and understand without explanation.

It’s the One Card, One click, multiple colors concept

3Minimal Design

Keeping away the distractions and artfully displaying the content, making it visually appealing.

4Flat Designs

A finished design that well portrays the functionality when projected with just 2 dimensions.

Flat visuals lead to quick loading time.

5Rich Animations

A lively illustration that creates an engaging experience.

Animations enhance long scrolling and navigation functionalities that make learnability more intuitive.


It is the art and technique of conveying a message in impressive and attention grabbing form.

It conveys the feelings and keeps the people reading.

7Vibrant Colors

Color has a direct effect on our emotions, it can affect our choice of whether to buy a product or not.

The minimalist approach to color has been in the trend.

8Long Scrolling

Scrolling has replaced the page-by-page navigation standard.

Long scrolling promotes interaction. It lets engage users by its storytelling potential.

Its works well on mobile screens as small touch devices mean more scrolling, and scrolling well works with touch controls.

9HD Visuals

Fascinating videos, potent photography, and rich graphics are all getting on the new design trend and are significantly increasing time on site.

Users with HD devices expect it.


Illustrations establish a stronger connection with the site visuals, it activates the viewers’ imagination power.

Interacting through visuals.

Well, these are some of the trending web design techniques that have been prevailing throughout the year.

Staying up with the latest design trends is good but sacrificing the best design practices in order to follow the new design trends, can result in worse user experience.

Never follow a trend just because it looks great, apply it to your design standards only if it actually benefits your users.

Let’s look into some of the design factors you shouldn’t give up in favor of trendiness

1Let conversions be the deciding factor

Let not your design trend overshadow your conversions, keep a check if the new design or other alternatives are returning your visitors or customers.

Always keep a tool at your disposal to optimize conversions.

Considering Numbers and statistics over designs might sound strange, but trust me you will reward your site with higher rated of engagement.

2Indulge into putting up CTA’s

CTA’s maximize your returns. So just never give up on them!

Steer away from such CTA designs that make you look less visible, consider the color, size and shape of your CTA, let it shine out.

Let then be seen close to the key spots like on somewhere close to the navigation bar or top of the screen.

3Let Search Boxes be there

Let anything and everything be available easily when visitors search through your website.

Search boxes need to remain visible, easily identifiable, and usable.

You might be wondering a small site will not need it, trust me this is one of the most expected features regardless the size of your website.

A visitor does not want to visit every page, they want everything just on a click.

A simple search box, it need not be splashy or unique.

4Create user friendly shopping carts

If you want your visitors to shop from your site let your e-shopping bag be interactive and user-friendly.

May it be a reminder to check out, availability of a product or addition of a product.

Try to use visual icons as far as possible, let it be easily identifiable.

5Informative: Maintenance and Error pages

Sometimes your website may go under maintenance or for some reasons, it might lead to error in loading a page.

Let the users know this.

Put up a simple headline that says it all, try to put in some extra information regarding what exactly happened or make it easy for them to go back to your main site.

Let it be informative and at the same time good looking, something that portrays your design skills.

6Impressive looking Content is the key

Use the right font style that can really tie a design together.

Make it readable and easily noticeable.

Let your font be light-hearted and engaging.

Don’t lose visual appeal over substance. Design your website keeping the usability factors in mind.

Design trends come and go, but customer experience stays.

We do it smartly, keeping in mind both the trends and the usability factors.

Do you also have some amazing design aspects that have kept you up with your conversions, in spite of not following the current design trends? Do Share with us!

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