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Website Conversion: Here are 34 quick tips!

January 29, 2017 In: B2B KNOWLEDGE BASE, Nichehype
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website Conversion is one of the major factors that states the success of your online business marketing strategy.

Getting the visitors to your site is great, but if those visitors don’t convert, it is useless!

The goal of any website is that a visitor takes some action on the site.

Conversions can be in any of the forms, whether it is:

  • Signing up for
  • Buying a product
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Registering for a webinar
  • Downloading an E-book

All that matters is how many visitors convert or how many times your on-site users convert.

Let’s see how we can calculate the website conversion rates in simple terms it goes like this:

Website Conversion Rate = Desired actions/  Visits

The conversion rate calculation looks too simple, but getting it work is not that simple, there are countless factors that decide whether a visitor converts or not.

Website design is one of the major conversion optimization parameters, but once you are good with the aesthetics of your website, there are other essential conversions factors that play a vital role in the growth of your business revenue.

Let’s look into some tips and tricks that will help you increase the number of conversions to your site.


1Put in strong call to action (CTA) panels

Let your users know what you want them to do next, fill up a form, click a button, register for a seminar or order a product, let it all be easy and exact.

Let the CTA stand out, let it be clean and unique at the same time.

Use tangible action verbs!

2Don’t forget to use the Sticky bar

Websites with sticky bar tend to convert better. Sticky bars are slim and non-obtrusive; they provide relevant buzz for visitors to take action. They are easy to integrate and can be used for any website looking for leads.

3Short forms make a huge impact

The lesser the number of form fields are, the more are the sign ups. Ask for little!

Don’t complicate, let it be exact and quick.

Let the process complete in less than 30 seconds and it is all good.

4Bring credibility to the website

 Testimonials and reviews speak a lot about you, these are the major trust factors, especially when it comes to new users.

Big brand affiliations, feedbacks, badges or any third party reviews are going to keep up the trust. Always provide a social proof.

You can also consider offering guarantee on your product or no questions asked refund policy, you know it kind of relieves the customer.

5Do not let your web design go overboard

Keep it simple and eye appealing. Avoid the flashy stuff.

Use high-res professional images with soft and elegant colors.

Avoid too much of the content, let it be clean and readable with enough blank spaces.

6Let your headline be strong and effective

 The headline is perhaps the most important element that can either make it or break it!

Your product or offer should seem as compelling as possible with just a handful of words.

Let your headline make a clear value proposition, let it be concise and strong. Let the user not only know what you have to offer to them but also let them know why are you the best to offer it.

7Product features have a role

List the product features or the services in a straightforward manner, let it all be transparent.

Use honest bullet points, let the potential customers know how your product or services can provide them with a solution to their problems.

8Keep it visual, humanize your product or services.

Customers prefer visual stuff over written words, visual makes it easier to sell after all sight is the strongest sense!

Include a simple video to demonstrate what the product or the service is about and how it works.

9Create dedicated landing pages

Landing pages can dramatically increase the lead conversions ratio.

Landing pages are specifically for one particular purpose that gets the visitor to take one specific action without any distraction.

Involve into A/B testing to figure out what works the best.

10Keep a separate mobile version

People want it all on their fingertips, and when it comes to the web they want quick access to it.

The faster they get the product or the service information the more likely they are to convert.

Moreover, having a mobile version is also good for SEO.

11Use High quality images

Like it goes without saying, the visuals are more appealing and convincing!

Use high quality images which are not too flamboyant or flashy, let be simple and elegant.

12Chat tool might be a good idea

The potential customers might have questions and being there live to answer them and alleviate any concerns they have can add up to the conversions.

Let the visitor get answers to all his questions.

13Privacy statements on opt-in forms

A privacy policy will convince the visitor that the information he shares is going to be confidential and will only be used for business purpose.

Let them know, you will never spam their inboxes!

Trust and credibility are the keys.

14Let the navigation flow be easy

Remove the distractions, let the process be smooth and easy going without any glitches in it.

Try not to confuse the customer.

15Exclude registration process when buying a product

Ensure minimum road blocks to checkout, offer your users a one-time express checkout.

Make it easy for the buyers who are not your members.

16Keep an eye on the site load speed

 If your site tends to load slowly, it’s here where the visitor will either explore further or part their way from the site.

To be under the safe criteria, your site should load in less than 3 seconds.

Make sure you at least pre-load the most relevant and significant information to keep your users engaged.

17Check your website’s accessibility

Let your website be accessible to anybody and on any device.

There are various devices available these days and hence it is really important for your site to be highly device compatible.

18Offer multiple payment options

Not everyone uses PayPal, give them options, let them pay the way they’d like to.

You have Stripe, Amazon payments and more.

19Keep track of your visitors’ actions

Once you know what the users are doing on your site, you can better define on the improvements your website might require.

If they are looking for a specific product continuously, you can work on the presentation of that product. Let it appear a bit more prominently.

Once you know what they want, just give it to them.

20Speak about benefits

Don’t only talk about what you do, talk about why the customer would need your service or product.

Focus on just portraying your business benefits and how is it going to be a solution for your prospects.

21Let the visitors see your subscriber or social media follower counts

These terms tend to provide social proof and helps build up a trust factor, hence increasing conversions.

22Let each page have a goal

Focus on having a goal for every page on your website that way every page on your website will get you noticed.

One strong message can get you a lot of conversions.

23Bounce rates are not the majors

Bounce rates don’t matter as long as your conversion rates are up.

They might not actually affect your business revenue.

24Optimize for revenue and not conversions

Better conversions don’t always happen to generate more revenue.

Even if you double the product price, but your conversions, reduce to 20%, you still generate a good amount of revenue!

25Don’t be afraid of making drastic changes

It’s good sometimes to keep on trying something that is radically different.

May be it a different styling or design, small tweaks won’t affect much on your conversions.

26Let your ideas be yours

It isn’t necessary what works for one company might also work for you.

Keep testing and keep checking what idea and  tactics are helping your online business to grow.

27Ensure TRUST badges or the BBB Seal

When it comes to payment online, people tend to avoid it as entering their card details, this leads them to end up not buying the products.

28Guide your visitors with directional cues

Always make it easy for the visitor to locate the most important on-page element.

Use of arrows or other visual cues might help!

29Let every page on your website have CTA’s

Every page that is visited on your website should include a CTA, your visitor should know what are they supposed to do next.

30Never give up on testing your site

Testing a website is really important in order to keep up with the conversion optimization.

Try all the possible testing options like from small change to a specific element to introducing a completely different layout, keep checking on what is actually working!

A website should always be tested for improvements on a daily basis.

31Let your checkout process talk

If your checkout process has several steps, you can put up a progress indicator so that the user knows which steps are remaining and what has to be done next.

32Include bread crumbs

Let the people know where they are on your site. If it’s a secondary navigation scheme.

The visitors won’t feel lost on your site, breadcrumbs will help the visitors find their way back.

33Take advantage of the error pages

Don’t just give them the 404 error instead direct them to most recent or relevant content.

Keeping a track on your conversions is really important for a mere reason, it lets you measure your business profitability and at the same time helps you predict the future success or determine the stuff that isn’t working.

Conversion optimization, well, we do a lot of it! Connect with us, we can help you with this.

Got some more tips to share? Jot them down!

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