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Why Information Architecture Audit For Your Site Is Important?

Why Information Architecture Audit For Your Site Is Important?
September 17, 2016 In: Buzzing, Knowledge Base
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Like anything else, a successful project takes work and effective planning.

One needs to go step by step and to begin one needs to identify the users’ background and their goals and the rest comes out easily.

Once we have the goals and the target users in the mind, we are good to decide about the Architecture of your website.

Defining an Information Architecture (IA) refers to the organization of the information on your website.

The information architecture helps you structurally organize your content over your website so that the visitors can complete their tasks easily and efficiently.

One must have a proper plan as to what and how the content should be presented on the website.

Come let’s dig deeper and see what needs to be done to come out with an easy to follow website.

Before you think of creating Information Architecture, you need to be clear why do you need to create one.

There are many misconceptions that stop people from creating great information Architecture, they usually happen to be like these:

1It’s too time consuming or Expensive

People often have some constraints on budget and time and of course, this is a genuine concern.

But, having information architecture for your website can, in fact, save you both time and money, it can actually prevent things from going wrong at the later stage.

Start with your content, think what is the best way to bring out your content to the end-user.

2I really want the website to look like the other website

If some site looks good it is because the content was well-thought kept in mind the presentation. Your website should always be able to provide your users with the information they are looking for.

Not only aesthetics but the content as well makes your site highly convertible.

To overcome this, try reasoning why like the other website or what is that impresses you the most on the other website.

3This looks too complex, we need something simple.

If you use difficult terms on your website the user will not be able to grab the information you are trying to convey.

Try using terms that are easy and can be well understood by the audience. Keep it simple! 

Our goal is to just make it better!

4My designer/staff member think that it should be different

When you go on a review, you consider getting opinions from your colleagues or friends, differing opinions hinders your thought process and you happen to change your mind.

Test your architecture, try to question them asking if they are able to grab the information? Do they even know  what are they looking for?

Different people different opinions, so once you have a particular design and content stick to it if you keep changing your views it could create a huge mess.

We are aware why an Information architecture is important.

Let’s look, how could we move on to information architecture Audit.

Firstly, we prepare a list of important things so that we come out with a perfect information architecture audit without any hassle.

– Your list must have answers to some of these important questions:

  1. Are your business objectives coming out weak on your website?
  2. Is your site confusing your visitors?
  3. Is your site looking complex with too much of content?
  4. Is it taking long for a visitor to find what he’s looking for??

-Here are some tools you can use for information architecture audit:

– For finding broken links: We have Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Checking for broken links on your website can improve user experience and Keeps you maintained with your SEO rankings.

Identify back links, top pages and more: Use Open site explorer by MOZ

-It helps you with all your link building efforts.

-It also has a fantastic competitive analysis feature.

-Find other opportunities for backlinks.

 -Enhance your overall user experience

There are various UX design tools which could help you boost the overall experience your visitor would have on your website.

Two famous tools for enhancing the overall experience of your websites are:

  1. Card Sorting

-Card Sorting plays the role of organizing the items on your website.

  1. Trees Sorting

Tree sorting is used to identify the no of items on your website.

These Sorting techniques can do you a lot in the improvisation of your website leading to high conversions.


Modern web design standards consider the user needs from the start, projects turn out to be successful often because the owners commit to understanding users backgrounds and their goal.

We turn out the user needs into a successful output by creating an information architecture for a particular website, so that nothing is missed out.

We can help you build an information architecture for your website that would help your visitors complete their tasks easily and efficiently.

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