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Caffe Yoga

HealCode platform integration: Creating a Yoga Studio online Our client wanted us to come up with a website that could promote their Yoga studio. They wanted to integrate the website through Healcode and promote their vision and expertise and hence generate leads. We had a clean layout set up, that served our clients purpose completely.

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Client research : 

We had a broad understanding about, our client’s requirements, we had to dig out how the website had to be so that we could make its online presence happen. Before we got cracking on the design, we analyzed of what the website would need in order to compete with the other related industry websites.

Visual Approach :

We got going with the Homepage design, we tried to give it a creative look, which was much better was we added a video as the background, that would visually represent the business and the services they had to offer.

We had all the stuff customized to make it look visually appealing.

We had an attractive and clean appearance with more integrated design and a good user experience with better readability features.

HealCode platform integration :

We had a third party tool integrated with the website so that it gets easier for the client to share their events and timetables and help their visitors make their bookings easy.

HealCode tool has multiple widgets that are used by various fitness/wellness companies for Bookings, sharing event details, timetable and more.

Lead generation :

We had the website design and functionality in such a manner that was attractive and engaging which helped our clients generate more visitors into customers.

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