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College Mouse Project

Migrating HTML to WordPress: College Mouse Our client wanted to move their business website to dynamic WordPress Platform. We converted the clients HTML design into a full-fledged WordPress theme, it had been pretty straightforward as we have been doing this for some of our clients. It was more of makeover on the design features and some other functionalities.

The Challenge : 

New Design keeping in mind the old

We had a challenge on improvising and migrating the current website into something that was better and was acceptable to the current online market.
We tried to bring it up with a fresh look and feel, that was interactive and user engaging.

Clean UI with ease of user experience:

To begin with, we started analyzing the existing design, we focused on how we could shape the existing website into a new and interactive look and feel.
After the study, the team came up with key design and functionality ideas that would give the existing website some newness.
We had some design sketches in place so that we could let our client know on how better it isgoing to be and if they have something to add up.
We made effortson conveying more information by using some interactive functionalities, providing the users a good web experience.

Custom PHP based Search section:

We had a customized college search section developed for better and improvised search. It provided the list of different colleges as per selected state.

Google Ad’s:

We incorporated the Google Ad’s as it is a successful advertising system that works with most of the businesses. It helped this online platform too!

Campus Explorer:

We had a third party tool named campus explorer integrated with the WordPress site.It is a search engine providing resources and tools for students researching on post-secondary education.