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Constantine Plastic Surgery Center:Offerings in all aspects of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Our goal was to promote the Skills of a Plastic Surgeon, along with his offerings and its artistic and natural results. We focused on making the design interactive so that the users would engage well.

The Challenge : 

Integrating User interactive features with the design:
Our challenge was to build a website using Genesis Framework, keeping the design intact.
We were completely hands-on with Genesis framework, as we had worked this out for many of our clients.


To begin with, we started analyzing the existing design and in what way can we incorporate the modern functionalities on to the design.
After the study, the team decided on features and functionalities that could be implemented on the existing design, making it more interactive and dynamic.
We had SEO elements integrated so as to rank the client’s website on the search engine, leading to more visitors to the website.

Visual Approach:

The website was made responsive so that it was compatible with all sized screens.
It had a user engaging approach taken up!

Results :

As a result the users were able navigate through the site easily. It was a complete long term solution for the client with all the room for incorporating any new features in future.
We delivered a responsive site, which was able to attract its target audience significantly improving the site performance.