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Elegant Living Spaces

Revamping: Elegant living spaces website Our client wanted us to give their website a modern look and feel! They wanted to completely move on to a different level of design and walk with the current design trends. It was more of makeover on the design features and some other functionalities that made it even better.

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The Challenge: Modern look with Modern Functionalities keeping in mind the old

Customer research:

Before we could begin with something we tried analyzing the current website of our client, understanding on what features are being mostly used and where improvements are required.
To make the website more powerful, we worked on analyzing of what more the website would need in order to compete with the other related industry websites.

We had to decide on a platform on which things would work well

Looking on to the client requirements we decided on setting up the website over WordPress, it had been pretty straightforward as we have been doing this for some of our clients and it has really worked well with such kind of websites.
WordPress platform with its other functionalities would offer a lot of customization with a lot of useful plugin Integrations with easy website management.

Elegant UI with ease of user experience:

We tried to come up with such a design and functionality that would givethe existing website a new and an interactive look and feel.
We tried to bring it up with a fresh look and feel, that was interactive and user engaging.
We had complete customization done from colors to images making it look lively and elegant at the same time.
We made effortson conveying more information by using some interactive functionalities, providing the users a good web experience.