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Theme Customization for Neevo FZC: Business experts Our challenge was to set up such a platform where the client could promote his business expertise and services. We had the requirements and we had to soon turn them into reality.

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Figuring out on how and what should be done:

Before we could begin with something, we had to be clear on how the client’s requirements could be transformed into a website and what elements it would require to keep up with the current online market trends.
We had to come up with such a website that would present the clients business and promote his thoughts for the betterment of other businesses.

Visual Approach:

We were very careful while we were customizing it, it had to have a corporate feel with great colors and relevant business images.
We kept it clean and to the point maintaining enough white spaces for better readability!
We customized it, maintaining the modern look and feel.

Theme Customization:

The client wanted us to customize the theme that was selected by him. He wanted us to fit in his offerings and other services on the theme making it to something that reflected his business clearly.