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Pole At Es

Revamping the site foo PoleAtes With a lot of experience on revamping we tried taking this revamping to the next level with more impressive and new styling features and functionalities. Our goal was to promote PoleAtes and their Pole Dancing passion and its benefits.

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The Challenge: Coming up with something that was suitable with the current trends!

We had a challenge on improvising or say revamping the current website into something that complimented the current marketing trends.
And so we decided oncustomizing it completely!
A complete makeover!
Kind of challenging our skills!


Before we got our hands on the new design, we had a full study done on how customers were usingthe current site and what are the key features that need to be incorporated on to the new site as well.
All this analysis helped us focus on how and in what way we should revamp the existing website so thatpoleAtes would achieve their website goals.
After all of this, we had someamazing ideas that would give the existing website a modern look and functionality, making it stand out online.

UI with ease of user experience:

We tried using elegant colors schemes with easy navigationfunctionality, custom content and more.
We tried promoting their services and offering by putting up easy user experience.
We had it all customized from design to functionality!
We tried to convey more information with less content, providing the users a good web experience.

Video testimonials:

Video are more engaging when conveying a message as it is visual and is more convincing.
Videos are very much useful when trying to generate leads, hence we had the customer feedback video put up which lead to trust building, leading to more conversions.


We had a complete solution for the client with all the effectiveness that made them stand out with their business.