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Our focus was to create a goal oriented layout so that our client would reach out to his audiences helping them build up their technical know-how. The site adopted the mobile first approach, so that it could reach to its major target audience which were mobile driven.

The Challenge : 

Engaging Kids and parents with technology: Our challenge was to produce a website that would connect with Parents and kids both, and this happened to be a big challenge! We had to be well versed with the design and tone keeping in mind both the audience.

Being experienced, we were able to take this forward, we focused on the user experience which happened to be a part of the discovery phase.


At the beginning we spent time on researching on how users would interact and how the website would compete with the related industry websites.

Considering all the findings, the team came up with sketches so that the client could be demonstrated on how it is going to be and if they have something to add up.

Visual Approach:

We followed the current trending approaches while designing the pages. From the visual styling elements to the user engaging content leading to more readability. We got it all covered!

The design had enough white spaces to reduce the messiness with comfortable readability.

Results :

The result was an informative and interactive design which was able to engage the target audience. Since the launch, the website was able to generate good traffic, conveying benefits of technology.